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The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the latest installment of the video game franchise and will be available worldwide on November 4, 2014. Famous retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy will be selling the anticipated game one day ahead of its scheduled release. Activision and Sledgehammer Games premiered the trailer for the upcoming game. The game is set in the year 2054 devastated by a global attack. After what’s left from the chaos, a private military corporation (PMC) called the Atlas Corporation has been created to save the day. Jonathan Irons played...Continue reading »

The Insomniac Games developer will release a new action game called the Sunset Overdrive. This vibrant, fun and with explosive combats will be available exclusively on Xbox One on October 28, 2014. Most critics who have the chance the review the game prior to its release have rated the game with a high score. The gameplay style is unique and  humor is entertaining. The player can grind, jump and climb from one side to another while exploring the huge city. The weapons such as the bombs and machine guns combined with special abilities makes it more exciting and will...Continue reading »

Fans may wait a little longer as the released of the anticipated fantasy game series, “Dragon Age: Inquisition” which is scheduled to be launched this October 7, has been moved to November 8. The developer has moved the release date to improve the features of the game. Mark Darrah, executive producer, promised that the delay will make the game better and bigger compared to the initial games from the Dragon Age franchise. In the Dragon Age: Inquisition, the players will be the Inquisitors and will fight the demons from the spiritual world. Players can choose...Continue reading »

King Digital Entertainment PLC has created a new game similar to one of the highest grossing games on mobile called Candy Crush. The game called as Candy Crush Soda Saga has now been launched on Facebook and developer King is hoping it will generate revenues. The game is set to be released on mobile but no specific date has been provided yet. Candy Crush Soda Saga might be similar to the original game but there are additional modes and challenges available that will surprise the players. The gaming board is submerged and includes soda aside from the usual features...Continue reading »

Microsoft has announced that a major update previously available to beta testers only has been released, bringing with it an overhauled Snap Center allowing quick access to Friends, Party, Achievements, Messages, and Game DVR apps. The update also brings with it new quick-launch menu to let users switch between a previously played game or app, ability to snap or unsnap apps, and to record the last 30 seconds of a gameplay. Another fancy addition is a feature that allows you to find your controller by making it vibrate. While the current console media player is a bit...Continue reading »

Google’s Nexus Player has arrived. The new Android-based console is similar to Amazon’s Fire TV that lets you stream movies and play video games. Nexus Player will be retailed for only $99 but it boasts an Intel Atom 1.8GHz of RAM and comes with a new Android TV operating system designed to work with set-top boxes. A Nexus Player GamePad at $39 can be purchased separately. The controller looks like a mix of PlayStation’s DualShock 4 and Xbox One’s controller. A remote equipped with a microphone for voice controls is packaged with the Nexus...Continue reading »

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan renews her legal battle against Rockstar over her claims that GTA V’s Vinewood actress Lacey Jonas was a “unequivocal” reference to her. The actress claims that the game imitates her image, especially the one in 2007 shot while she was wearing a bikini. She believes that the image was the inspiration for the image of the game’s character featured on the front part of the disc. Jonas’ character has been heavily used by Rockstar to promote GTA V. The publisher dismissed Lohan’s claim by saying: “her...Continue reading »

Some 35,000 videos from private individuals have been uploaded by a Chinese mobile game to the internet wihtout their owner’s realizing it. South China Morning Post has revealed that Fengkuang Laiwang or Crazy Laiwang, the name of the game, is just like the charades. A player must get a video of himself doing something so his/her friend at the other end will try to guess the gesture. The problem started when the videos started appearing in China’s version of YouTube called The players are apparently not aware that their videos are being shared...Continue reading »

Sony’s popular high-end PlayStation Network has resumed its services after a major disruption, leaving millions of users unable to connect. The problem affected worldwide users on multiple platforms. PS3, PS4, and Vita owners from North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan reported connectivity issues starting the 2nd of October. Users who attempted to connected encountered “cannot connect to the server” error with a corresponding NW-31201-7 code. While the service is now back up and running, Sony has not released an explanation for the outage as its...Continue reading »

Rockstar has released the Last Team Standing update for Grand Theft Auto Online, bringing with it tons of new content as well as a new mode for the game commonly referred as deathmatch. This mode limits players to just one life during a match so if his character dies, he/she must wait until the rest of the match is completed. Among the additions are 10 new LTS jobs and GTA Online’s mission creator, allowing players to create their events and share them with their friends. Players can also tweak the Creators settings by choosing the number of rounds per match...Continue reading »