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GAME announced that the new Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker game will be available in stores on Monday, December 22, 2014. The official released date was supposed to be set on January 2, 2014 as announced by Nintendo. MCV had confirmed that Nintendo had already given their approval for the UK online retailers to sell the game. Captain Todd has already been released in Japan on November 13 and North America on December 5. No official announcement or confirmation was released yet from Nintendo regarding the early release of the game. Captain Todd can be purchased for...Continue reading »

The anticipated game Hearthstone developed by Blizzard will be available on Androids very soon. No released date has been released yet, but the game has just begun a “soft-launch” to other countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In preparation for the game, fans need to download the Android version 4.0 or later in order to play the game. Blizzard, the developer who created the famous games such as World of Warcraft and StarCraft promises a smartphone version of Hearthstone is currently being developed for both Android and iPhone. Hearthstone...Continue reading »

By Harvey -
Dec 13 2014

Microsoft has revealed that the “Rise of the Tomb Raider” game will be released for Holiday 2015. The game will be available exclusively for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The announcement was confirmed by Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg  via Twitter. A Square Enix representative also added that Microsoft will be responsible for the development of the game and the process of the release. The goal of their partnership with Microsoft is to make the entire “Tomb Raider” franchise the one of the biggest games and franchises in the industry. ...

The Japanese publisher, Capcom revealed the scheduled release date for the new Resident Evil Revelations 2 and the game play details. The game will be split into four different episodes and will consist hours of game play. Episode 1 of the game will be released on February 24, and three remaining episodes will be available a week apart. The episodes can be downloaded via Steam, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Xbox Live for $5.99 per episode. The full set can be purchased for $24.99 and with an additional content. The additional content in the full package will feature...Continue reading »

Bossa Studios, the developers of Surgeon Simulator and Monstermind have created a new unique game called “I Am Bread”. Pre-released version of the game is now available on Steam Early Access. Developers decided to release the current version to gather feedbacks from players in order to improve the game before the final version’s release. The full game is expected to be released early next year. The game tells a story of a slice of bread seeking toasters, hair straighteners, blow dryers and other quest in order for the bread to be toasted. I am Bread...Continue reading »

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games revealed a brand new game mode for Evolve called Evacuation. The game is considered the most ambitious game mode as it combines all the game’s other modes into one continuous 5-day adventure. Each day’s victory or defeat will lead a major change to the next round. Evacuation is a Hunt game mode, which assign Hunters to fight Monsters over five maps. The other additional game modes included in the Evacuation game are Nest, Rescue and Defend. This version of Evolve will be released on Xbox One in January 2015 and playstation...Continue reading »

Telltale Games announced the release of the latest game series, Tales from the Borderlands on November 25, 2014. The first episode of the game will be available for PC, Mac, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. The Xbox One version of the game was available the next day and Xbox 360 can be purchased on November 27. The first episode of the game entitled Zer0 Sum focuses on the Vault Hunter Zer0.  The game features characters with different powers with an intriguing storyline. Players can choose individual episodes for $5 or they can select the Season Pass of the game....Continue reading »

Bandai Namco recently announced that the new Dark Souls II game will be released on April 2015. The new compilation package called “Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin” offers new content, updated graphics, enhanced online matchmaking functionality, new enemies and additional NPC for the quest. The new version also increases the total number of online players. The players who already have the game will be provided by the Japanese developer From Software the large scale update known as ver1.10 which will add new features to the original version. The...Continue reading »

The highest-rating series on HBO will finally release an episodic videogame series.  A new teaser trailer was released today for the Game of Thrones game for the fans. Telltale Games announced that the game will be based on the characters and events viewed in the popular TV show. Lena Heady and Peter Drinklage who are cast in the TV series will be playing parts in the game as well.  The storyline of the game will be based on the characters of House of Forrester. The developer will release six episode series and each episode can be downloaded after four to six weeks...Continue reading »

The Relic Entertainment’s latest game Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is now available today for purchase. The new version of the game offers fans of the first installment new scenarios, new companies and new features in the game. The players don’t need to own Company of Heroes 2 as the Ardennes Assault is a standalone experience. The game offers 18 new scenarios and consist of 11 missions and 7 engagements based around the Battle of the Bulge. Each of the four US Force Companies such as Airborne, Support, Mechanized and Fox have different abilities,...Continue reading »